Leading Lawyer: Catalyst for Change

I am probably one of the least social media savvy people that I know.  In fact, as a general rule, I am not a fan of social media as a way to communicate anything of importance.  Generally, I find that the more time people spend on social media documenting or commenting about their own experiences or those of their friends, the less time they spend actually experiencing those moments.

How great would it be to keep your entire focus on the people that you are with and the small joys of each moment?  How different would your life be?  I know mine would be vastly different if I was fully capable of doing this.  To say the least, it is something that I aspire to do.  I also realize that in today’s highly electronic, fully plugged-in world, it is hard to do.

Having said all that, I, and you have no idea how bizarre that is, am starting this blog.  It is entirely possible that no one reads it, but if I brighten just one person’s day from something I shared or wrote, then it will have been worth it.

I am a lawyer.  I love the practice of law.  Unfortunately, over time,  I became burned out and disconnected from the passion that drove me to be a lawyer in the first place.  I lost sight of the nobility and grace and honor in legal practice.  It became a daily monotonous grind that was making me miserable and very sick.

In my journey to reignite my passion, I found that I wanted to help others who had felt the same way as me.  I wanted to leave the legal profession better than I had found it.  Lawyers are a unique group of people and have an incredible ability and power to shape the world that we live in.  Lawyers can be the catalysts for change  — yet we are losing our best and our brightest because we have stopped as a profession to learn how to effectively support them or provide them with the skills to not only support themselves but nurture those same qualities in other lawyers.

This blog is my first step in “walking the talk.”

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