American Bar Foundation Fellow

Getting the invitation to be an American Bar Foundation Fellow today, reminded me how important it is to stay passionate about what you do no matter the obstacles.

Helping to create a better legal profession is my passion.  Having received a few “Nos” to my PhD applications (fingers crossed for the ones outstanding), I was, understandably, a little down.  I’ve always been a firm believer that things happen for a reason and since persistence has never been an issue for me, even not getting in this year, won’t stop me from applying again.  Regardless, it was inspiring and uplifting, to receive this invitation that same day.  An invitation offered to me because of my dedication to research and innovation … in the same fields I’m applying to be a doctoral student in.  I am incredibly honored and truly thankful to be asked and cannot wait to work with and support the important work of the American Bar Foundation as a fellow.   It just reinforced for me that the universe makes no mistakes and staying positive and persistent is the key to living your dream. A7E7015F-84FE-46B6-9F5E-F5FFF25DA726