I help attorneys, executives, and other professionals take control of their lives and their careers.  Utilizing confidential, one-on-one coaching and other tools, I work with clients on developing a plan for creating the life and career they want to have with concrete, manageable steps.  I also work with clients to develop leadership skills in a way that is both powerful and authentic to them addressing and improving self-awareness, emotional intelligence, grit, resilience, and ultimately happiness.

I also offer group coaching for teams.  I can be hired by either the individual or the employer depending on the circumstance.  When working with groups, I’ll use strategic planning and coaching to help a team develop a cohesive vision and coalesce around common goals that use the strengths of each person on the team.

I offer a full range of coaching packages, as well as customize offerings to meet clients’ specific needs.    Depending upon the package, coaching sessions are often coupled with assessment tools.

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I work with businesses and law firms to develop leadership development and education programs that improve employee retention, engagement, and productivity.  The programs also improve employee happiness, satisfaction, and skills.  Together we’ll design metrics to ensure the efficacy of the program based on your goals for both the short term and the long-term.

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